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VB-Programmer, Inc.


VB-Programmer Inc. Services

A lot of our clients do need a consultation on different topics concerning website development, design, control issues or usage of some specific software tools. We would gladly share our knowledge with a client, because it's a key to a long-term project success. VB-Programmers Design Studio will help using both our staff and our partnering relationships with consulting firms, independent consultants, and training centers.

Search Engine's is one of the biggest reasons that company's fail to turn a Profit every year, they don't plan for search engine optimization in the early stages during the development process. Here at VB-Programmer Inc. we understand What designing a search engine friendly website is all about, we give are clients the edge when they go to obtain search engine marketing for there website.

Desian takes most of the time in the process of website creation. Every site we created before is one of its kind, and this is our goal. It's not just a number of vbimages and hundreds of words all together - it's a professionally designed website that shows exactly what visitors are looking for, when they go there. Original graphical elements reflecting your organization's style and status - symbols that customer identify with your organization long after leaving your website. Navigation is made that simple that visitors don't have to think where they can find information on the site.

If you have a business, and would like some affordable and really good advertising as well as keeping up with your competition which might already be on the web, or getting one step ahead by advertising and give information about your company with this new and fast growing medium called the Web. A website, when published on the Internet, is available to an estimated 148 million people worldwide. The potential exposure is greater than with any other advertising medium. Advertising and information on the Internet is mostly seen by people who ask to see it, so the people who view it have high interest in your product or service.

We develop applications for iPhone and Google Android platforms.

Today, the iPhone and Google Android platforms are the fastest growing segments of the mobile market, which makes them lucrative and potentially profitable for your company. The total number of mobile subscribers rose up to 2.6 billion in 2008 and can hit 4 billion by 2010. Many of your future customers are among these people. Why not contact them via a mobile application?

All our work is custom work in this section - we do not have any "packages", Because we can't quote on a custom project until we have talked with you about just what you need and what you want to accomplish. We do not compete on price. It is not possible to cut corners on price without cutting corners on quality, and our market consists of those who are savvy enough to recognize this fact. Because we are not the least expensive developer around, our clients are often those who have already had bad experiences on the 'cheap' route and finally realize that they'll be better off paying for quality. However, you'll find that our fees are in line with those of other reputable website development firms doing quality commercial work.